The ‘LYDIA LITHOS. Society for the Study of Numismatics and Economic History’ is a scientific non-profit-making society which was founded in 2005 and focuses on the study and promotion of Numismatics and Economic History as worldwide sciences from antiquity to nowadays.

The foundation of the Society took place in late 2005 in Athens and was officially legitimized in May 2006. The permanent Board of the LYDIA LITHOS was elected in September 2006.

The first book of the Society, KERMA 1Argilos. A Historical and Numismatic Study, by Prof. Katerini Liampi, was published in late 2005. The book recieved an Academy of Athens Award (2006) and was presented to the public at the Philological Society ‘Parnassos’ in February 2007. The second monograph, A Contribution to the Economic History of the Kingdom of Ancient Macedonia (6th-3rd century BC)KERMA 2, by Dr Ioannis Touratsoglou, Director Emeritus of the Numismatic Museum, Athens, appeared in 2010.

The LYDIA LITHOS Society had a pivotal role in the organization of the 1st International Conference: Numismatic History and Economy in Epirus during the Antiquity (Ioannina, 3-7 October 2007). A second Conference under the title Coinage / Jewellery was organized at Ios, 26-28 June 2009.

From February 2008 onwards the Society inaugurated a series of meetings for its members and friends, each time with a presentation of a topic in the fields of numismatics and economic history.

In early 2009 the web site of the Society was officially launched.


The aims of the Society

The LYDIA LITHOS aspires to be a scientific hive which will serve two major goals:

  • to reach out to people with a broader learning interest, who are willing to become familiar with Numismatics and Economic History as means for the decipherment and the evaluation of past and present-day economic/historical phenomena, shedding light on details and nuances that a common historian following the usual sources cannot easily fathom.
  • to attract and, furthermore, enlist specialized scientists in original and meticulous studies dedicated to the research of Numismatics and Economic History, in association with other sciences, so that effective reconstruction of History and  revelation of hidden truths in distant eras will be achieved.

For the implementation of the goals of the LYDIA LITHOS several activities are planned: exhibitions, colloquia, conferences and annual cycles of lectures with various thematics, to be presented by esteemed scholars, both Greeks and foreigners. At the same time, educational programmes are to be held, which will be addressed to youths, as well as to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Finally, visits will take place in archives and in permanent coin exhibitions of museums and other institutions, while excursions will be organized to museums and archaeological sites in Greece, in an attempt to highlight the numismatic and economic activity of a locality, alongside with the chance to get acquainted with the area.

The Board of the Society

Prof. Katerini Liampi, University of Ioannina, President

Assist. Prof. Eleni Sakellariou, University of Crete, Vice-President

Dr Cleopatra Papaevangelou-Genakou, General Secretary

Evangelia Georgiou, Treasurer

Dr Martin Kreeb, Member

Yannis Stoyas, Member

Kostas Prentzas, Member

Efterpi Ralli, Deputy member

Dr Niki Sakka, Deputy member

Theodoros Siontis, Deputy member


One can become a member of the ‘Lydia Lithos’ by accepting the constitution of the Society, with all the regulations and principals that appear there.
The annual contribution is 25 euros, with an additional fee of 10 euros for registration.

For more information and for the member registration form please contact: