Money in Dante’s Inferno

An eminent poet and also a highly political being, Dante Alighieri was born around 1265 at Florence and died in exile at Ravenna in 1321. He lived the upheaval of his era which was defined in Italy by the rivalry…


Century of trade, Tasos Leivaditis

Offer and demand regulate society, said my big brother Marx. A small, immoral trade every gesture, every word, and even your deepest thought, big talk at the street corners, the orators like the lottery ticket sellers advertising dreams for future…


Silver Jewish shekel, First Revolt against Rome, year five (AD 70)

Silver Jewish shekel, First Revolt against Rome, AD 70

In the year AD 66, while Nero was still reigning, a revolt broke up in Judaea instigated by the act of the procurator Gessius Florus to appropriate seventeen talents from Solomon’s Temple. Added discontent towards Roman administration for insulting attitude…

Χάλκινο soldo της Μάντουας (νόμισμα πολιορκίας), 1799

Siege coin of Mantova, 1799

April 1796. Napoleon Bonaparte, then a rather unknown French general, invades North Italy in charge of an army of scruffy and tattered soldiers. After a month Milan was occupied and in less than two Mantova (Mantua) was laid under siege….